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Communication is essential to shaping your identity. It is the foundation for learning, working and interacting socially.  Impairment in this area can affect every aspect of your life.

Teresa L. DeAnda, Founder

Teresa DeAnda founded Horizons Speech Language Voice in 1993 with the goal of helping you communicate and live with confidence. Teresa, a Speech Language Pathologist has treated more than 8,000 individuals, achieving a 98 percent success rate at correcting speech, language, voice, cognitive and swallowing problems. She founded the Vocal Advantage Training Program in 1993 to empower individuals, students and professionals to communicate effectively in public speaking and one-on-one situations, and to reduce regional accents.

Teresa who is certified in VitalStim, two forms of Myofascial Realease, Lee Silverman Voice Therapy and has a high expertise in Oral Facial Myology,  uses these treatments and other approaches for increasing vocal and speech clarity, as well as swallowing and breathing function.

She is also proficient at developing delayed speech production. She has  been a consultant and speech language pathologist for Developmental Pathways and Child Find organizations specializing in helping children from birth to age five with speech problems.

A member of the American and Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Associations, Teresa was certified in clinical competence in 1986.  Teresa earned a Bachelor’s in Communication Disorders and Sciences in 1983 and a Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from Southern Illinois University in 1985. In 2002, she earned a certification as a vocal coach from Scott Martin who holds a Ph.D. in Voice Instruction from Juilliard University. She also completed a Medicine in the Vocal Arts Symposium at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Teresa has been singing and performing throughout her life complimenting her therapeutic background as a speech language pathologist.TEST

The purpose of Horizons is to empower you to live and communicate with confidence, which will be an invaluable asset throughout your career and your personal life.

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