A Note from Teresa

Glad you could visit Horizons Speech Language and Voice.

I moved to the Denver area from Illinois 25 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed living here. Giving speech therapy to children and adults in the Denver metro area has enhanced my life so greatly.

In 1990, I lost my newly married husband, Greg, from a brain tumor, watching him lose his ability to speak, think, swallow and breathe. This experience has enhanced my compassion and sympathy towards others who struggle with these problems and losses.

In 1999, I married my amazing husband, Rollie, and acquired three lovely children who are now grown and doing well. I have two adorable grandchildren and I am giving them the best speech and language stimulation ever!

I’m  very passionate about God, nature, music, family/ friends and helping others improve their life by learning to speak, sing, breathe swallow and think better. Even after all these years of practicing and helping others, I continue to love my work. Im continually  seeking and acquiring new research and techniques to implement in my practice.

I’m fascinated with the Voice and how the voice box (larynx) functions. That’s why Voice is one of my specialties. I’ve developed, enhanced and restored hundreds of voices for speaking and singing.

Presently, I sing and perform music which enhances my ability to restore and improve voices and pronunciation of words.

Thank you for visiting Horizon Speech Language and Voice site and reading this note.

If you are in need of my services, please call or email us.

I will do all I can to help you.


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