Swallowing Problems

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  • Overcome difficulties eating certain foods and/or drinking liquids
  • Reduce and eliminate frequent coughing and choking and clearing throat during and after meals
  • Reduce and eliminate sensation of food stuck in throat and chest
  • Increase the strength and efficiency of your swallow
  • Restore and maintain your ability to swallow

With 20 plus years of experience treating individuals with mild to severe swallowing problems, Teresa DeAnda has witnessed an 80-100% success rate in her patient’s ability to strengthen, restore and maintain their swallow function.

Her cutting edge treatments are tailored to your specific needs using the treatment modalities that will best improve your swallow function.

Causes of Swallowing Problems:

  • Neurological causes such as Strokes, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis and ALS
  • Oral or pharynx muscle dysfunction due to cancer, post radiation, surgery or nerve damage ( ie:cervical spine surgery)
  • Loss of sphincter relaxation (achalasia)
  • Pharyngeal/esophageal narrowing and dysfunction due to acid reflux.

Here are some of the treatments used along with many others:

  • Vital stimulation
  • Myofascial Release I and II
  • LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Therapy)
  • Neuromotor tactile stimulation and exercises
  • Orofacial Myology

VitalStim is an FDA-approved therapy that treats people suffering from swallowing difficulties or dysphagia. It can restore enough swallowing function to reduce or eliminate the need for tube feedings. With this revolutionary therapy, Teresa attaches electrodes to the skin over the muscles involved in swallowing. Then painless electrical current delivers neuromuscular stimulation, strengthening the muscles, while Teresa instructs the patient through swallowing exercises. As a result, patients create or re-learn functional muscle-use patterns necessary to swallow.

In addition, Teresa utilizes VitalStim to restore and strengthen weakened voices due to presbylaryngeus, vocal cord paralysis/paresis. She also uses it for increasing oral-facial strength, tone and movement to improve facial appearance and speech articulation.

Myofascial Release for speech therapy is a collection of manual approaches that release restrictions/tensions in muscles involved in speaking and swallowing creating increased strength and mobility in these functions.

LSVT (Lee Silverman Voice Therapy) is an effective speech treatment designed for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological problems. This techinique increases vocal strength, speech articulation and swallow function.

Neuromotor Tactile Stimulation and Exercises is a treatment that targets and increases oral-pharyngel movement and coordination of your swallow through different forms of tactile stimulation.

Orofacial Myology are methods of restoring normal strength and mobility of muscle groups related to the tongue function and swallowing.

Thanks to your expertise and VitalStim therapy, I had my first complete meal in two years. It all went down beautifully.”
– Terri T., Throat Cancer Survivor

After therapy with Teresa, the improvement in his swallowing was dramatic. He is no longer at risk for aspirating his drink or pills and his voice is so much better”
– Kay R., Wife of patient Glen R.

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