Restoring and Increasing the Quality of Your Voice and Breathing Function

Teresa DeAnda at Horizons Speech Language and Voice will:

  • Increase strength and clarity of your voice
  • Reduce hoarseness, nasalty and pitch problems
  • Restore your speaking and singing voice
  • Rehabilitate and restore a damaged voice and larynx due to specific pathologies
    • Laryngeal/Pharyngeal reflux
    • Laryngitis/inflammation
    • Vocal nodules, polyps, granulomas, ulcers
    • Vocal cord pareses, paralysis, and nerve damage
    • Aging larynx (Presbylaryngeus)
    • Spastic Dysphonia
    • Vocal cord dysfunction, difficulty breathing and coughing spells
    • Parkinson’s disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological causes
    • Post surgery and radiation of cancerous and benign thyroid, head and neck tissues and tumor

Teresa uses unique and calculated treatments involving myofascial release, vital stimulation, audio/visual feedback and breathing/voicing strategies that will increase the strength, function and mobility of your larynx (Voice Box). She will also use LSVT ( Lee Silverman Voice Therapy) for people with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders.

I was afraid to talk. My voice was scratchy and sounded like I was sick. After seeing Teresa, my voice sounds amazing. I feel like a new person.”
– Sandra W., Denver

I lost my talking and singing voice due to vocal cord damage. Now my voice is back and I can talk and sing again.”
– David D., Littleton

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