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Teresa continues to help children achieve higher self-esteem, communicate with confidence, improve cooperation with others and eliminate frustration and emotional outbursts.

Teresa and boy


  • Developing and improving enunciation of sounds (L, R, S) and multiple sounds
  • Developing and improving the ability to pronounce words including reducing accents.
  • Increasing fluency for the stutterer

Language Ability

  • Developing and accelerating delayed language skills
  • Increasing comprehension and response to vocabulary, questions and directions
  • Developing and improving verbal communication


  • Improving the voice by decreasing hoarseness and nasality and adjusting loudness and pitch
  • Rehabilitating the voice due to vocal nodules, polyps, vocal cord paresis/paralysis
  • Overcoming breathing and coughing problems due to vocal cord dysfunction
  • Developing vocal skills for speaking and singing

Oral Structure and Function

  • Overcoming overbites, underbites, lisps and swallowing issues due to oral facial deficits and tongue thrusts
  • Increasing oral facial tone and strength to improve speech skills and eliminate drooling


Teresa and girl

 What people are saying about Teresa at Horizons Speech Language and Voice:

When Juston started coming at 4½ years old, he had a vocabulary of around 10 words. Then a year later, he began to use full sentences. Now after two years, he speaks correctly, non-stop. His biggest achievement is that he was named the lead in a school play.”
– Tawnya B., Golden

We can understand Michael (age 6) so much better than we could a year ago. He is no longer frustrated trying to com­municate with others. He made great pro­gress, which will help him for the rest of his life!”
– Liz M., Denver

Megan (age 4) has gone from a very heart breaking problem of constant stuttering to 90 to 95% fluency.  Now she never says, ‘Mommy, I don’t speak right.’”
– Betsy G., Aurora

Bailey (age 2) is talking non-stop now and continuing to amaze us with new words, concepts and sentences.”
– Kim L., Denver

It was hard to think my voice was going to be hoarse all my life and that I might not ever sing or perform again.  But I don’t have to worry about that anymore.  Everything I want to do, I can do.”
– Joe L. (age 13), Englewood

A few weeks of tongue exercises made a dramatic difference in Ali’s (age 7) overbite, allowing her to smile. Her speech has become clearer and easier to understand.”
– Robin R., Englewood

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