Accent Reduction

Reduce Your Accent and Improve Your Grammar

How you pronounce your words determines how well people understand and view you. If you are not pronouncing words and have a regional accent or speak with poor grammar, people sometimes are quick to question your intellect and abilities.

At Horizons Speech Language and Voice you will learn how to reduce your accent, enunciate sounds clearly, and if needed, improve your grammar skills.

The most difficult aspect of learning the English language was correct pronunciation. It was imperative for me to be understood. Since working with Teresa, I have significantly reduced my accent and improved my ability to speak clearly and now I don’t hesitate to speak up knowing that I will be understood. I certainly recommend the program to anyone who would like to gain confidence in expressing oneself in English”.
– Sergey Sobolevsky, Physician

What you will experience as you attain the goal of accent reduction and improve your grammar:

During the first part of your evaluation, you give a brief video recorded speech which Teresa analyzes using The Vocal Advantage 12-Point Evaluation.  You and she watch a replay of the video and discuss pinpointed characteristics of your speech (ie: posture, attitude, accent, grammar etc.) that need to be improved.  Teresa works with you to develop written goals based on the results of the analysis including improving your English grammar.

The second part will be a unique and specialized sound analysis where you read a passage and each erroneous sound will be pinpointed. You will then be given an explanation of those sounds that need to be changed and modified in order for you to speak clearer English.

The speech samples during the evaluation will be audio taped and video taped so that you can later observe your progress and speech improvements by comparing your first session from your final class.

Following the evaluation you will meet with Teresa for one hour per week learning to correctly produce and clearly say all targeted sounds in words, sentences, paragraphs, and conversation and, if needed, gradually learn to speak in grammatically correct sentences.

You will audiotape the teaching sessions so that you can review the class throughout the week and practice imitating speech samples of clear English.

After 12 learning sessions of reducing your accent and improving your grammar, you and Teresa will observe your progress through audio taping comparing the initial evaluation audio to your new speech sample.  We then determine whether you desire or need to continue for more sessions.  You both reassess your progress every 12 sessions until you are satisfied, comfortable, and confident with your reduced accent, clearer grammar and new and improved speaking.

Length of time to complete the program:

It varies, depending on the severity of your  accent and grammar, and your personal goals and needs.  Anywhere from three months to three years.

Improving my pronunciation has helped me communicate better in the business world and with my family. It has taken some time, but I finally gained the proper sounds to be heard with English pronunciation and a clearer voice. I am not afraid anymore to speak in public with a group of people or friends, and worrying if they understand what I say.”
– Lorena Robinson, Accountant/Human Resources

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