The Vocal Advantage Training Program

Founded in 1995, the purpose of the Vocal Advantage Training Program is to improve, polish and enhance your speaking skills in public speaking and one-on-one situations in order to build your confidence and empower you to communicate effectively.

DeAnda with Patient

How The Program Works

You give a brief video recorded speech which Teresa analyzes using The Vocal Advantage 12-Point Evaluation. You and she watch a replay of the video and discuss pinpointed characteristics of your speech (ie: posture, attitude, accent, grammar etc.) that need to be improved. Teresa works with you to develop written goals based on this analysis.

Teresa privately trains you for 5-15 sessions to meet these goals through a process she developed called The Six Steps to Developing and Enhancing Your Speaking Skills©.

  1. Stand or sit with good posture
  2. Breath deeply from the diaphragm
  3. Open and relax the throat
  4. Open and move the mouth
  5. Speak with inflection and projection
  6. Use facial expression and eye contact

In the final session, Teresa re-records you using your newly developed speaking skills. You view your first and final speech presentations, noticing marked improvement in areas including: attitude, pitch, loudness, vocal clarity (decreased hoarseness and nasality), enunciation, rate, accent, fluency ( decreased saying “Um” between words, stutter­ing), word use, grammar and body language.

Upon completing the speaker training program, you will become a more polished, confident, professional speaker.

Who Has the Vocal Advantage?

  • Attorneys
  • Consultants
  • Doctors
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Job Seekers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Performers
  • Presenters
  • Promotion Seekers
  • Retail Sales Associates
  • Sales Representatives
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Telemarketers
  • Television News Anchors


“From the moment you open your mouth to speak, you are creating an impression. The ability to communicate effectively is the single-most important factor in determining your success in life.”

It was one of the most valuable training courses I have ever taken.”
– Keith Cowling
President, CEO
Credit Union of Denver

People’s Response to the Vocal Advantage Program

The Vocal Advantage Program gave me extra confidence as a leader, trainer, speaker and communicator. With Teresa’s personal attention and training skills, she changed my life. Her unique approach to utilizing ‘The Six Steps to Developing and Enhancing Your Speaking Skills’ gave me the vocal skills and techniques to be an effective communicator which has truly enhanced my professional career.”
– Dr. Gary H. Sibigtroth
Assistant Commissioner of Education For Regional Services
Colorado Department of Education

Thanks to you and the Vocal Advantage Program, I was promoted for the third time in two years.”
– Karissa F.
Investment Sales Support

Teresa, thank you for helping me with my accent. I’ve had two job offers. The Vocal Advantage Program has exceeded my expectations.”
– Madelina S.
Certified Public Accountant

The Vocal Advantage Program really helped me with my interviewing skills. I finally got into medical school.”
– Bart S.

Accent reduction and other specific problems may require additional training sessions.
Email or call us for further questions and/ or make an appointment

Our Personal Promise to You: Risk-Free Results, Guaranteed!

We care about you and we want to ensure that you receive exactly what you expect and pay for. If after completing the Vocal Advantage Training Program you do not significantly boost your speaking performance with more confidence, clarity and effectiveness towards others, we will refund up to 100% of our fees.

We offer this guarantee with 100% confidence in our ability to deliver the results you’re looking for provided you’re committed to the program and complete the exercises we give you to practice.

Call us and see for yourself.


Teresa L. DeAnda
Speech Language Pathologist MS, CCC
Presentation Specialist

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